Cypriot Wine Festival & Business Expo 01-02 June 2019, London

Established in 1982, the Parikiaki Newspaper has organised the Cypriot Wine Festival & Business Expo, offering visitors of all ages the fantastic opportunity to come and experience the vibrant, warm and welcoming spirit of the Cypriots in the UK through its food, drink, culture, dance and live music.

CyWineFest is the biggest Cypriot event to be held outside of Cyprus, and is a celebration of all things Cypriot, and Cypriot culture in the UK.
Cyprus has a rich history of wine making and the festival there offers unlimited wine tasting from a wide variety of wines to highlight the quality of Cypriot wine making and its wineries. Just make sure you come with a designated driver so you can enjoy guilt-free! Throughout this two-day event visitors of all ages and backgrounds get to indulge on a plethora of Cypriot treats – from soutziouko and Keo beer to souvlakia, kleftico, and delicious Commandaria!
As well as the food and drink options on offer, throughout the weekend there is the opportunity to experience Cypriot culture through a wide entertainment programme which includes Cypriot dances, music and bouzouki playing, watching demonstrations of traditional artisan crafts as well as a chance to buy Cypriot produce such as olive oil, halloumi, herbs and cured meats.
CyWineFest is also proud of its role in helping local businesses and the community’s entrepreneurs, and so the event also includes a business expo which gives visitors the chance to speak to local business people providing selling a wide range of goods, and services.
Peggy Zina to headline CyWineFest 2019!
There is truly something for everyone throughout the day in terms of entertainment, and as day turns to night, the atmosphere ramps up and culminates in a concert on the main stage from big name Greek or Cypriot singers.

Credit & Photos: CyWineFest team




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