Tsiakkas Winery

In the early twentieth century, when Nicolas Tsiakkas was riding his mule down to the plains from the Pitsilia mountains, carrying his full bodied wine, in his two sheepskin-made containers of wine, he never thought that his grandchildren would carry on the tradition with such a success.

Although market demands, consumer tastes and wine making methods have changed since his time, the Tsiakkas family still produces wines from the same mountain vineyards, obsessed with quality, always keeping the legacy of the most famous wine maker of Pelendria village, alive.

The mountain villages in the Pitsilia Region of Cyprus have traditionally been famous for their grapevines.

Foremost among them and the largest of all the Pelendri village is set at an altitude of 1000 meters above the glistening blue Mediterranean sea.

Showered by the warm Cyprus sun, and cooled by the Troodos forest breezes, the Pitsilia Vines are producing excellent varieties of grapes, highly suitable for wine production. It is for this reason that Pitsilia is the first vine producing area to be granted the permission for producing quality wines bearing the classification of appellation of origin.

A few kilometers away from the Pelendri village, at an even higher altitude, the Tsiakkas Winery is located in a serene location surrounded by young Pine trees and the winery’s vineyards.

Built in a typical Cypriot architecture sheltered by the surrounding mountains, the winery maintains a well organized cellar where the wine ages at excellent conditions.

Open to, and welcoming visitors, the winery is an excellent spot for touring and relaxation, and of course wine tasting. Should you be visiting Cyprus’ marvelous picturesque Pitsilia villages, then do visit us. We will be glad to welcome you.

You can very easily reach us since the winery is just 5 minutes away from the main Lemesos-Troodos road.


Email: tsiakkaswinery@cytanet.com.cy
Instagram: tsiakkas.winery
Tel: 25991080

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