Avacas Winery

Avacasw Winery is situated in Statos village in the Central Mountain area of Paphos at an altitude of 1000 meters and in a zone area of selected grape production.  Referring Byzantine and Roman writings of the 8th century, the area was famous for producing high quality wines and Koumandaria.

The winery began its operations and proceeds on a commercial basis with full equipment and staffing in 1988. We provide the market with high quality wines, tailored to the modern consumer demands.

We monitor the vineyards from the time of pruning and continue to control until the receipt of the grapes. The selected grapes are cut and placed in small cases to be transported freshly cut in a short time as they are within walking distance to the winery. As soon as they arrive in the winery they are ground immediately and vinified in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperatures. These procedures are an important and decisive factor for the production of fine wines. The process continues with further processing and final product is bottled on our premises in the production area.

The fine quality grapes, the selected varieties, the modern mechanical equipment, skilled personnel, the long family experience and tradition in wine production are factors that guarantee and identify the production of superior and consistent quality of our wines.

These are the main reasons that our wines stand out in the market and we have enduring and stable customers. We have won major awards in gefstological competitions, as well as praise in the press by experts and connoisseurs of wines.


Telephone: +357 26 94 57 92

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