Shoufas, Cypriot for a hawk, was the nickname of their ancestor. He was the watchman for the vineyards around Kilinia village, east of the Trodos Mountain, in Cyprus. His family descendants, to this day cultivate the vineyards and create each distinctive Shoufas wine.

The winery is situated in the lovely old village of Kilinia, an unpopulated countryside surrounded by vineyards east of the Troodos Mountain, just a twenty-five minute drive from Paphos. As with most villages in Paphos, Kilinia boasts a fine old history with vines having been planted several decades back.
The area is suitable for the indigenous grape varieties, Xinisteri – for a crispy white wine with strong fruit aromas of citrus and banana, and Maratheftiko – for a ruby full-bodied red wine with intense aromas of cherries, vanilla, blackberries and exotic spices.
The winery is equipped with technologically advanced machinery for winemaking. They open their doors to visitors on almost a daily basis.
They are always happy to host individuals and small groups to our winery. The winemaker Savvas will show you around the winery and explain the production steps of wine making, during which you will have the chance to taste our wines.
They also offer the tour and tasting only by appointment, from Monday to Saturday. They  are closed on Sundays.


Tel: 00357 99 435436


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  1. Michael Jemina says:

    I just love your Maratheftiko from Shoufas Winery!!!
    Very, very well made, high quality and a complex wine, goes well with a lot of different meals!! Congratulations!!


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