Ekfraseis Vassiliades Winery

Ekfraseis Vassiliades Winery are located at the foot of the south side of Madari at an altitude of 1275m. The small village built there is able to beautifully connect the mountain region to tradition and history through it’s unique architecture and it’s time enduring customs. The doors and the yards of the houses are always open where anybody can taste traditional delicacies, home made wine and warm themselves with the local traditionally distilled zivania.

Their vineyards are located above the winery at different locations along the mountain range Madari as well as below in an area which is surrounded by various types of other fields with an average altitude of 1200m.
They cultivate mostly local varieties of vines which take great parts in producing the wines at their winery.

Moreovere, they cultivate famous french varieties which, by taking advantage of the microclimate of the area with poor soil, different angles, and moderate temperatures throughout the year, give amazingly good results.

Even though the winery is fully technologically equiped as to achieve the highest quality possible of the product, the top knotch quality of the raw materials that are delivered there from their vineyards in combination with the cool temperatures during the harvest season (Fall) and the low temperature during the periods of the different processing steps of the wine (Winter) allow them to limit the use of this technology to the minimum in a lot of these processes so as to keep the traditional character of the wine making process. However, their main concern in every case is to maintain the quality as well as the integrity of the character of the wine which will end up in the bottle.

Their love for the vineyards and good wine, interest for the daily meal of every wine lover, in combination with knowledge, proffesionalism, and continuous research, allows them to remain ambitious and certain of the quality they offer and urge you to try some of the labels of their winery.


Ekfraseis Vassiliade Winery
Tel: 25211604, 99400205 Fax:25211908
Web: http://www.facebook.com/ekfraseiswinery

Visiting Hours
Monday to Friday 10.00AM-4.00PM
Saturday & Sunday by appointment only

Wine Tasting is offered (15 people max) by pre-booked appointment only.

For appointments and tastings feel free to contact Maria at 99400205 or mariaekfraseiswinery@cytanet.com.cy

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