The Exotic Wine Travelers – Charine & Matthew

While traveling through the wine regions of the world, Dr Matthew
Horkey and Charine Tan experienced many obstacles during the
preparations and actual trips, which compelled them to turn their love
for wine into a creative force for good. In 2015, they established
Exotic Wine Travel, with the goals to promote the lesser-known wine
regions. Since then, they’ve drunk their ways through the wine regions
of Armenia, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia,
Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and USA.

Europe’s highest vineyard outside the Canary Islands – Kyperounda Epos

Through their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vivino, the duo shares
pertinent information about various wine destinations, introduces wine
lovers to the best of what each place has to offer, and provides
anecdotal insights into each region’s peculiarity. Matthew and Charine
have authored wine books about Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Santa Barbara
County (California, USA), and Croatia. They continue to publish at
least one new wine book every year.

Authors, writers, speakers, marketers, travelers, wine geeks…Charine & Matthew

In February 2017, on the invitation of Cyprus Tourism Organisation,
they spent two weeks in the country to research and promote the wines
of Cyprus. During the trip, they tasted over 200 Cypriot wines from 30

Check out below their stories from there visit to Cyprus:

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Cypriot Wineries: Part 1

Cypriot Wineries: Part 2

Maratheftiko And The Other Red Grapes Of Cyprus

Top Cyprus Wine: Our Favorite Cypriot Wineries


Discover much more below:

Website: Exotic Wine Travel

Facebook: Exotic Wine Travel

Instagram: Exotic Wine Travel

Twitter: Exotic Wine Travel

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