Wine Lovers Next Door: Nayia


Can you tell us a few words about yourself?
My name is Nayia Georgiadou, i am from Nicosia and i am a wine lover. I am attending oenology classes, i pay often visits to wineries and i participate in many wine tastings. Also, i have been to various wine exhibitions and seminars both in Cyprus and abroad during the years.

When did you start enjoying wine?
I started enjoying wine about ten years ago, when i realized that i could not find a wine that would satisfy my taste requirements. So, i decided to start the research behind the wine label and gain more specialized knowledge about the history of wine. Soon, i entered the world of wine and since then, i have never stopped studying and tasting wines.

Instagram and photography around wine. How did that came up?
Over time, oenophilia got combined with my love for photography. So, i use Instagram as a social network, through which i combine what i like the most and share it with those who wish to follow me. So far, i have received many positive comments and feedback, which i am very happy about it and i hope to improve my work even further in the future.

Obviously you visited many Cypriot Wineries and tasted their various wines. What do you think about Cypriot wines? Do they need any improvement?
Cypriot wines have been quality developed to a great extent in the recent years and they managed to be competitive in the international wine market. However, i believe that we have not sufficiently cultivated their image and properly promote them abroad. In order to do that, it is necessary to create quality wines from native varieties, something that almost all Cypriot wineries are trying to do the past couple of years. Only this way, Cypriot wines will acquire identity and status outside the Cypriot borders and their diversity will be their biggest weapon.

What do we call good wine?
It is very difficult to classify a wine in a category of good, bad or excellent wine. Whether a wine is really enjoyed, depends on many factors such as time, way, place of consumption of the wine, etc. The wine must definitely have some standard quality specifications, however everyone approaches the wine differently according to their own preferences.

Which wines do you prefer and is there a local wine variety that you enjoy the most?
Each wine has its own identity. Personally, i like plenty of wine varieties, each for their own characteristics. But, i would never say no to a good Pinot Noir from Burgundy, because i think it’s an excellent variety. Also, i particularly love Greek and Cypriot varieties. My favorite Cypriot varieties are white Xynisteri and Morocanella, and red Maratheftiko and Yiannoudi.

Do you have a favorite combination of wine and food?
To fully enjoy a wine, we need to have good company, but also good food! It is very important to be able to satisfy our tastes in all aspects. One of my favorite combinations is beef steak accompanied by Giannoudi. Due to the intense aromas of this particular variety it fits neatly with the beef.

A tip for wine lovers out there?
The world of wine is evolving and constantly changing. No one can claim to know everything about wine. It takes a lot of study and tasting to learn to appreciate and enjoy a good wine. So my advice is: Keep on wine tasting!

Explore more wine through Nayias eyes on her instagram!

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