Nikodemos Panayia Winery

Nikodemos Panayia Winery has been established in 1987. But since 2008, Mr Nikodemos knew a lot of how to use and take care of vineyards, grapes and wine. Since that period he was always dreaming of having his own winery serving his own traditional and high-quality wines.

Nikodemos Panayia Winery

Today, 11 years after, he managed to complete his dream be creating a winery in a small village called “Panayia”. With the love of Mr Nikodemos and his sons, they have managed to establish their own wines officially. They released to the market two wines, Saint Paraskevi (white wine) and Sarka (red wine). Since they released their first wines, they succeed even from the first year of their production. The result of their success story was for “Agia Paraskevi” wine which won the Gold Medal Award at the 12th Cyprus wine competition.



Tel: +357-97628919
Tel: +357-97627685

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